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We are now offering FDA cleared Theatrical Lenses!


PLEASE NOTE: You need to be aware that all contact lenses sold in the US are considered a medical device that requires a prescription according to the FDA. Even non corrective lenses require approval from your eye care professional before they can be legally sold to you.

We use to monitor the process for our customers seeking eye doctor approval for their lenses. The process claims an 88% success rate, and it's a very simple process.  This is what you will need in order to place a successful order with us-

  • Your eye care professionals name

  • Their phone AND fax number. (The fax number MUST be correct)

  • Your proper correction (if needed)

If you do not have this information please call your eye care professional before buying your lenses to make sure you have it. You need to have properly been fit for contact lenses and have a valid fitting on file with them in order to wear lenses safely and to buy them legally.

 All our lenses are FDA cleared and carry a valid FDA 510(k) status. Our lenses are good for one year (most cheap lenses on the market are only good for 90 days). Our lenses are manufactured to seal the design inside the lens. Offering an unparalleled comfort and fit. The design never touches your eye!

Our Customer Service Dept. is open Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.- 951-245-9600

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